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Supervisory Team Engagement Solutions

Supervisory Team Engagement Solutions

Leadership is a skill, and our extensive variety of courses ensure your your leaders engage, motivate and inspire.

It is a team effort, both the front-facing staff and the management staff moving the organization in the direction of excellence that is genuine and heartfelt.

We offer in person and virtual training and coaching solutions that will teach your leaders how to lead through…

  • emotional intelligence, emphasizing trust as paramount to authentic leadership.
  • become effective coaches for their staff that cultivate trust, respect the individual needs and aspirations of each employee, thereby creating a thriving, unified team.
  • implement vital communication skills with tiny tweaks that yield huge results.
  • navigate the generational challenges to build an inspired, high-performing team that works together to reach goals, rather than one that “fights for power”.
  • effective delegation that engages and motivates during challenging times, and much more

We understand the importance of shaping your leaders to be peak performers who know (and love) that culture starts with them.

Click here for a complete list of workshop and training solutions for your management team or allow us to make recommendations after a thorough assessment of your resort and all its staff.

Guest-Facing Staff/Positions Development Solutions

The heart and soul of your resort’s experience, brand and future is held in the hands of your front-line staff, which we revere with the utmost respect.

We fully immerse ourselves in your company before we plan or implement any training for your staff. In fact, we often feel as if we are part of your staff.

Our clients love our development training for the real world results they see in their organization.  With their new skills and training in hand, our clients have seen Net Promoter results increase by 10 points, guest engagement go through the roof, and turnover rates cut in half!  Our workshops and virtual solutions have allowed our clients and their teams to build upon success for amazing results!

Our training solutions for your staff allow staff to provide genuine and heartfelt care with every service interaction by giving them more verbal technology, techniques and ideas that make your resort experience amazing. This is the heart of hospitality and comes from inspiring each staff member to connect with that feeling, weaving it into each interaction with your guests.

Teaching them the vital skills of handling difficult guests, improving communications and being able to sell and upsell services with ease. All with the overall goal of outstanding guest experience that translates into higher returns and fewer staffing challenges or turn-over for your resort.

What if your staff not only provided amazing hospitality but also discovered the joy of selling and up-selling as a service as well?  All businesses thrive by increasing revenue and your staff are the key to making that happen. Let our team teach them the art of selling that they will love to implement.

Allow us to identify the key training that is needed for your staff, we take the guess work out of which skills your staff need to bring them back into the heart of hospitality.

Two of our more popular training for your staff training and development lie in our Genuine Connection Series and our Service Ambassador Series.

We can provide this training through workshops, remote training, coaching, and in-depth virtual training solutions.

Our powerful training is designed and delivered in a way that will transform your indifferent staff into a purposeful team who deliver AMAZING results. 

Book your call to get started and discover the perfect solution for your needs.

Guest-Facing Staff/Positions Development Solutions
Mystery Shopping and Performance Support Solutions

Mystery Shopping and Performance Support Solutions

You need to know how your customers actually feel about their experience.  Not the polite response to make the staff feel better, and not the extreme criticism from clients taking their personal stress out on the feedback form, but real objective reports from trained evaluators. Don’t wait until sales drop to find out what is missing.

Discovering where your resort needs to improve is often only seen from an outside pair of eyes on the situation. I wish I had this solution back in my days of restaurant management.

Which is what prompted me and my team to create this incredible program for your resort.

We aren’t a shopping company-we don’t ‘shop”-that’s not helpful.  WE only do about 400 guest experience evaluations each year and intend to keep it that way.  Because we do them REALLY, REALLY well.  Lucky you…allow me to explain:

We design the ideal guest profile and prepare evaluators with a comprehensive checklist of standards so that you can pinpoint the exact opportunities for improvement.

Our guest experience analyses, and shopping services utilize a dream team of specialized evaluators, including human resource professionals, luxury-hotel managers, sales and marketing experts, and everyday consumers.

Shoppers document their findings (via video and photographic records) and provide quantitative data to help enhance your organization’s future employee training and skills development.

We provide a detailed, executive summary that highlights the findings, provides suggestions for areas of improvement.  All information from our meticulous assessments is provided to our clients through a secure and incredibly robust client platform, and we happily offer additional training and evaluation in order to help organizations benefit from our in-depth analyses.

Let us get in there and see what is really going on. We promise to make it as painless as possible.

Our team of experts and Mystery Shoppers give you a comprehensive (we are talking a 2000-point check list comprehensive) look at your resort.

From there we can make suggestions and recommendations, which range from simple solutions to deep dive training delivered live, virtual, or even on-line formats.

I have been in the hospitality industry for 29 years; the team and I have seen it all! Trust us when we say we have worked with situations way worse than yours and turned them around. We are looking forward to assisting you as well.

A complimentary Guest Experience Assessment defines the development of all solutions we create.

Complimentary seats to the Virtual Coaching Solution are offered when a comprehensive program is in place with us.

Erica Kaehly

Top 10 Issues Resort Professionals are Struggling with Right Now – and How to Handle Them.

Erica answers the tough questions in easily digested short videos. You will learn:

How has hospitality changed over the past three years?

What are the most successful resorts doing to ensure a well-trained staff?

Since so many experienced staff have left, how do ensure that my new staff know what to do?

How can I blend on line and virtual training tools effectively?