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As a restaurant manager, I'll never forget the PSYCH OUT those corporate training events always became…we would have this delightful two-day training program with a corporate guy, get super pumped up with armloads of notes, and float around the hotel on a cotton-candy cloud of wistful optimism with the rest of the management team.

Snapped back to reality with the phone call that a server had called off, I had to bus four tables to make the 7:00 turn, I hadn’t eaten yet…the chef said something inappropriate YET AGAIN and the GM would burst in the restaurant unannounced to discuss a recent guest complaint.  Back to grind…back to no more motivation…no more trainer…they are gone now.

Sound familiar?  We’ve heard it too many times and decided to get busy…you’re welcome!


Enter the Green Room your one-stop shop for REGULAR training directly from me, insider secrets and inspiration to keep wowing your guests.

Feeling a little “isolated”? Whether you own or operate a spa in Idaho, a resort in the heart of Montana, a hotel in Charleston, or a restaurant on the beach, your organization will benefit from the invaluable information exchanged by our partners who hit the Green Room.

We have come to see how valuable it is to be connected and learn from one another. Join us in the Green Room for the vital connection, networking and support you need now.

The Quick Fix: This series of short (2-5 minute), weekly video clips will give your staff an instant take away to immediately improve their guest service skills!

ONE every week, 52 in total…. it’s like having your own personal trainer... OH YEAH...

Green Room: Super-charge your staff meetings, get your head in the game, and put a seasoned, committed coach in your corner all… year… long!

Your one-stop shop for training directly from me, insider secrets and inspiration that will affect performance through a live virtual series.

The virtual solution is perfect post training facilitation to deepen the learning and keep the improvement curve going upwards.

Get your head in the game, and a committed coach in your corner all… year… long.

Erica Kaehly

Top 10 Issues Resort Professionals are Struggling with Right Now – and How to Handle Them.

Erica answers the tough questions in easily digested short videos. You will learn:

How has hospitality changed over the past three years?

What are the most successful resorts doing to ensure a well-trained staff?

Since so many experienced staff have left, how do ensure that my new staff know what to do?

How can I blend on line and virtual training tools effectively?