Meet Our Coaches

Erica Kaehly, President


Ask my mother how I got started in this-I blame her. She says that I was a born people-person, falling in love with everyone I met at a very young age. While that MAY sound a little unsafe, I learned that the rest of the world does not have the same open heart that I had-so an undeclared odyssey began. I wanted to know what made people happy, passionate, empathetic and fulfilled through connections with others.  

WE’ve joked that our family must have been in the witness protection plan because we moved around…a lot. Consequently, I still don’t let the grass grow under my feet, which exhausts my husband regularly (I move things around in my house so it feels like I moved in again)! My parents’ need for “greener grass” taught me how to be flexible. It also exposed me to every type of person you could imagine-homeless, transgender, every color and race BUT mine, elderly, street performers, insanely wealthy and worldly, all religions and beliefs, customs, foods, etc. People in my world were all different…but fundamentally the same. They all needed to feel special and MATTER in someone else’s eyes-whether or not they said that aloud. Bosses and mentors don’t always teach you the lessons you think they should, but they teach you what you NEED if you listen…A Penn State BS in Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management, restaurant jobs, and a warp-speed career at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts transported me into the world of training and development. (Thank you, Maarten van Wijk, for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself) My gut has always told me that if the words, tone, and actions make you feel a certain way, it’s 80% you and 20% them.   Fast forward to the age of technology and I see more clearly than ever how the human connections that we create are as essential as breathing. I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations in my career, and I can tell you that hospitality is EASY, but it’s hard to do. My job is to give your teams insight into what your guests REALLY want, and, in turn, feeling creatively fulfilled, joyful and centered.   I’m not a perfect mom, but Brenna and Andrew, my little bosses, teach me a great deal about being present, anticipating needs, and getting out of my OWN “need” in a situation. You can thank THEM for teaching me that! When I’m not loving on your staff, I’m loving on my family and friends, traveling, cooking gourmet meals (but not frittata…don’t ask), running, sweating at CrossFit, playing my guitar, or maybe sitting in the car line…and perfectly happy about it!

Yolanda Martinez

Solutions Coach


I have only known Yolanda for a year, and that’s all I NEEDED to discover her undeniable spark. She started conducting call evaluations for over the past year and her concrete analysis of what she was hearing came through with a heart of service that only a born coach can have. Possessing over 10 years of experience in the fields of hospitality, sales, and customer service, Yolanda artfully coaches our clients to develop and

implement strategies that engage guests and empower employees. Both her Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Organizational Development) and her Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations (Human Resource Management) allow her to attack business goals like a ninja via the art of human relations-it’s pretty impressive. Home for Yolanda is the Lowcountry of SC, where she leads a fulfilled life in a relaxing atmosphere with her husband, Sommelier Brian Couey, and their son, the cutest little man in Lowcountry. As the most mellow communicator that I have ever met, she has a passion for the outdoors, travel, adventure, eyelashes, connecting people (it’s like an illness), and you can always find Yolanda on the move, searching for new experiences and indulging in her passions for exploration.

Maureen McNamara

Facilitator, Performance Coach, Leadership Coach


Maureen and I met when I was still a Petrusic…that should say it all…I have never met a woman as intense as she is. She is one of my favorite souvenirs from my Denver days. She has the clarity of Baccarat crystal while having this infectious, hypnotic way of influencing you….so naturally, she is one of the best coaches you will ever have the pleasure of working with, I promise you. We all have transformative moments of awareness

in our lives—call them breakthroughs or “Ah-ha!” moments. She can crack yours wide open in a New York minute. We have co-facilitated many a season kickoff together, and we have such a great time that staff feel like they just attended a party. She gives hospitality professionals the stuff to create EASE and generate living that is better than your staff could even imagine. This passion is just a fuel that we burn, and Maureen teaches people to find that passion in the NOW. It’s pretty amazing! Her goal is to deliver highly interactive, compelling classes and experiences with enthusiasm and humor and I can tell you she does. As a former Dale Carnegie Instructor and as a professionally trained coach with Coaches Training Institute, she involves your teams in their learning and healing process to ensure skills, tips and techniques are understood, remembered and used.