Sales Force Training and Coaching

“As a Director of Operations that oversees luxury vacation rental properties, a large-scale condo hotel, and several fractional ownership Associations, I rely on sales and guest service training professionals to augment our own educational regimen.

With such a varied portfolio of property types, a one-size-fits-all approach to sales and guest service training would not be valuable. Erica Kaehly and her team are thorough in the discovery process, tailoring each training presentation to the specific and varied needs of that particular hospitality product or service. They are able to identify individual agents’ strengths and weaknesses, help those individuals build upon what they do well, and recognize and improve upon their shortcomings. The Guest Service Solutions Team creates programming that allows managers and supervisors to continually coach their agents for growth, so that improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness occur well after the training sessions end.Under constant economic pressure in this industry, there is always a temptation to cut funding for sales and service training to improve the bottom line. However, threats to our market share from new entrants and technological advances in the industry are always looming, so we believe it more prudent to commit funding to sales and guest service training on a regular basis so that we can stay one step ahead of the competition. Because of our measureable past successes with Erica and the Guest Service Solutions Team, we will continue to utilize their services in this coming year and beyond.”
– Jeff Andrews, Director of Operations, Vail Mountain Lodging

EEEEEWWWWWWW…Sales Training…we know…

This is not your average sales training this is a complete overhaul of sales as you know it, I promise you. I have seen more than a few sales people that started with us and then ended up tripling-I mean it-TRIPLING booked revenue after our programs.

Your organization succeeds by standing out among the crowd of other service-related businesses. A key aspect of an organization’s success is its sales force, but many organizations often overlook their teams and fail to recognize their crucial roles. We don’t focus on sales. We only focus on building relationships and the techniques required to do that quickly, efficiently, and in such a way to build loyalty once guests are actually on the property. Through our services, we help our clients break away from old habits and stale approaches to sales development to encourage success in their organization. We begin with a complete guest experience assessment of your current sales force by auditing the performance of your sales force across your entire organization. Utilizing the results from our assessment, we establish a benchmark performance level and customize a tailored development plan that works to revolutionize the way your sales force operates! We provide onsite workshops and training for development, characterized by our one-on-one coaching services, analyses, skill-building activities, and the creation of unique sales strategies.  The best part is that we are your coaches for quite a period of time following the event. We ensure the efficacy of our development training through follow-up coaching and web-based conferences and workshops.