Service Standards Development

It all started here…me and my big mouth.

In my first official role as a trainer, I locked myself in my office for two months and wrote service standards for 88 positions of a luxury hotel. We got our fourth star shortly thereafter, and it wasn’t coincidental.

I learned through that long, painful process that you can’t expect your staff to perform if they don’t know what LEVEL is expected. It’s that simple. AND, you can’t just use what Forbes, LQA, Preferred or AAA give you…you have to make it yours.

We believe that everyone…from ownership to groundskeepers, deserves to know WHY you do what we do, and TO WHAT LEVEL the job should be done. When standards are clearly articulated, repeat guest visitorship increases to 80% or more. Your staff is happier because EVERYONE knows what they should be doing (imagine that!). Net Promoter Scores go through the roof! Whether you want to get your fourth star, your fifth diamond, a 95% NPS or you want to increase occupancies by 20%, standards are where you start. If you haven’t touched them in a while, there’s a reason why-because they aren’t working! Don’t spend months agonizing over how to redesign effective performance standards-we can have them done for you in a matter of weeks, AND we will design them to be not only in conformance with desired quality ratings, but ALSO representative of your brand. We also believe that incorporating standards pertaining to sales practices must be part of the deal-we know the right ones to drive revenues for your property. We will help you write them, and then train your team to KNOW the expectations from the very beginning. They are also the backbone of any mystery-shopping program for which, by the way, we have also found a better solution

Over 50% of a guest’s experience comes from emotions created during a stay, with ‘emotional drivers’ such as warmth, excitement and pleasure counting more thanrational benefits’ such as location and features. Upscale and luxury hotels and resorts know that measuring empathy, gracious, personalization and anticipation through standards takes a property from good to great-trust us to make them yours.   Set your staff up with the gift of clarity and the return on your investment will be priceless.