Guest Experience Evaluations



This always felt akin to turning the lights on in a seedy hotel and “watching the floor move”, if you know what I mean….I hated it. When we knew that a mystery shopper was on the property, I hated that pit in my stomach that grew with every suspicious glance. I hated the idea of being analyzed, watched, sneaked up on…but I also CRAVED it.

Guest feedback was nice, but I REALLY wanted to hear from an expert….how are we doing, and how can we improve?

It was one of the few times of the year that I would hear about, and be recognized for, my performance. What I was doing well (like the time when I delivered an amenity to a room like a pro) and what I was doing not so well (like the time when I walked through my restaurant with my personal coffee).

I wish that I had shops like ours back then…

We use a 2,000-point checklist that we custom-designed to your property’s service culture, then hand-pick from our expert team of seasoned hospitality professionals the perfect evaluator profile. Video, detailed analysis, photographs, collateral, and a suggestion-packed executive summary round out the most comprehensive mystery shop in the upscale, independent industry. It also includes consultative support from me directly after the evaluation so that we can affect change quickly.

We determine shop frequency together, and our state of the art technology affords you the opportunity to go back in time for actionable trend analysis. I love it.

Learn to love mystery shops by trusting our team-It’s the best gift you can give to your staff. They deserve to know the good, the bad AND the ugly.

“Erica Kaehly and her team at Guest Service Solutions have dramatically increased conversions and call quality at Deer Valley Lodging Reservations. Combining her on site training programs with continuous coaching and feedback as created a results oriented service culture in our call center. Erica has the ability to tailor her program to our specific brand to create an authentic caller experience. The results are undeniable and as a result there is complete buy in from the Vacation Planners to the management team.” -Dirk Beal, Director of Sales, Deer Valley Resort