Leadership Development

We inspire your leaders to innovate.

Virtually anyone can lead, but at Guest Service Solutions, we believe your best leaders should also be your innovators, the individuals on your team who work to foster cohesion and encourage strength among your employee team. Our Leadership Development services help clients just like you coach, motivate, and improve upon your organization’s existing leadership, and often inspire new leaders to come forth and grow into your organization’s driven innovators.

A benchmark for leadership success occurs when the leaders on your team successfully encourage employee loyalty, improved customer satisfaction, better guest experiences, and increased accountability among staff. We help your leaders empower your organization to ensure decreased turnover, improved productivity, and a more solid foundation for positive guest experiences!

“Big Sky Resort has been working with Guest Service Solutions and Erica Kaehly for many years.  And although we bring them back annually to further our skills in understanding our guests and effective selling, she always finds a way to keep the training fresh, new and on point.  She understands the hospitality and resort business exceptionally well.  We have had success with their guest recovery training as well.” -Barb Rooney, Senior VP Lodging, Spa and Owner Services, Big Sky Resort


Our Leadership Development services are tailored specifically to each client, and include:

  • Executive coaching and on-site development training
  • Professional and personal success programs geared towards helping your leaders achieve their goals
  • Programs and team-building workshops aimed at improving cohesion between upper management and employees
  • Simple yet effective leadership management tools

Additionally, our development services offer unique workshops and programs with a special emphasis on leadership and employee management, including programs such as: Training Amazing Trainers | For Trainers or Leaders! Managing The Experience-’86 “The Gap” Elevating Team Engagement Essentials of Emotional Intelligence Essentials to Managing Employee Performance F&B Management | Managing a Restaurant/Hotel Communication On the Floor