Hospitality Training & Coaching

According to Author, Malcolm Gladwell, an expert is someone who has done something for 10,000 hours. If that’s true, then we are two-time experts. I have spent many an hour in the blissful flow state of luxury hospitality skills training- I can tell you I NEVER DO THE SAME EVENT TWICE. Why? Because we in the hospitality industry thrive on the challenge of the dance, on adapting to our guest’s needs in a split second. As I said, what we do IS easy, but it’s hard to do. Our events deliver the playbook. I promise you.

I was the most poorly-trained server in State College… during my full time gig at a local hotel. Then, I was the most thoroughly trained Manager in Training at Chart House…it was night and day.   It was the perfect recipe.

WE GET SO NOSY… I spend an exhaustive amount of time getting to know your organization-I need to feel like I could start working there tomorrow. Only then, am I ready to create your event. Our clients love our development training for the real world results they see in their organization. With their new skills and training in hand, our clients have seen Net Promoter results increase by 10 points, Guest engagement go through the roof, and turnover rates cut in half!  

Past Workshop Topics

Past workshops have allowed our clients and their teams to build upon their success and improve their business practices for amazing results!

Service-THE Greatest Demand Generator Click here to preview a sample of the presentation The ROI of a Service Culture is never easy to calculate, but its effects are widely felt.  Learn how much money you SHOULD be investing in training, the hard facts about turnover, how service yields top line revenue generation and THE BIG PAYOFF.

Maximizing Your Millennials Generation Y will make up 40% of the U.S. population soon with many seeking careers in the fun and social hospitality industry. If you are in business, dismiss them at your own risk! Furthermore, they are even MORE attracted to unique, historic properties like ours! Erica will share motivational tactics and best practices in getting the best performance out of your millennial staff. Teach them HOW to deliver excellent guest service, not just tweet about it.

“What We Say, How We Say It, How We Look, What We Do” Exuding Professionalism and Confidence through increased awareness of “the little things” that define your brand-and how to elevate service standards that everyone will actually do.  

“Listen UP” A Deep Dive in to the Art and Application of Generous Listening  

“I’m Sorry-What Was Your Name?” Remembering Guest Details and Names with Ease  

“Your Call is Very Important to Us” Mastering Telephone Etiquette

Experiential Selling Strategies for Restaurant Staff, Activities Staff, Spa Staff and Retail Staff (Cross Selling, Upselling, Situational Selling and Suggestive Selling Techniques and Practice)  

Knowing Your Communication Style A service culture altering Assessment, teambuilding opportunity and foundation for all conversations in your organization moving forward. Takes an insightful dive in to the essentials of Emotional Intelligence and how to effectively communicate the way a listener would prefer, not the way YOU prefer.  

Presenting With Impact If you want to be a stronger leader, be an influencer. Learn how to tell a compelling story and get out of your comfort zone so that your message is not just HEARD, but UNDERSTOOD and meaningful.  

Guest Service Recovery So you think your team can handle it? Guess again! This is one of our most popular events because EVERYONE hates conflict and EVERYONE wants to WIN!!!! Learn how to consistently deliver world-class recovery that actually creates a loyal guest! 

Genuine Connections Series Authenticity: Keeping it Real Intuition: Dig Deep Empathy: Have a Heart Champion: Be a Guest Hero  +1: Provide Delivery: Follow Through Initiative: Make the Effort  

Guest Service Solutions Service Ambassador Recovery Series 

  • Turn It Around Personalization
  • Provide An Individualized Experience Knowledge
  • Be In The Know Passion
  • Inspire Others Commitment Be All In Inclusion
  • Include Everyone Personality
  • Be Yourself

Personal Growth Events Let’s Laugh~ This Reality is Hilarious! Reveal Yourself: Living Beyond Judgment YesPleaseThankYou: The Art of Receiving JOY: The Elixir for Limitless Living You Unleashed: Dust off your cape and start creating the life you love Getting Your Message Across: Presenting in an Engaging and Powerful Way Amused Living: Use JOY to Create More Personal and Professional Success Question It!: The Art of Curiosity to Spark Creation