Culture Development

This is the strategic core of Guest Service Solutions. We do this so well that you will feel like your entire team just went “parallel universe” on you. Ensuring a successful service culture that is easily maintained and professionally developed is an essential step in cultivating your organization, and one that shifts your organization’s focus to the top line. Culture…strategy…breakfast, the most important meal of the day…you get it. Our Service Culture Development training is a cost-effective, proven training system that works successfully by motivating management and leadership staff. The focus is on developing strategies, milestones, benchmarks, and lessons that teach and guide your staff towards an improved service culture. Our clients benefit from our professional team of experts — all former Directors of Training and Development or Training Managers — to create custom culture plans that serve your organization and allow you the perfect foundation on which to improve your organization’s overall operations.

  Culture Development is not a one-size fits all kind of an idea by any means, and it’s also not a quick fix. This is deep, meaningful and needed, and having a long-term partner in your corner is the best way to compound its effects.

““I have been fortunate to attend many management training sessions during the 20+ years of my career, but I must say Guest Service Solutions/Erica Kaehly’s hospitality and guest recovery sessions were truly extraordinary. Erica gets the group fully engaged with her sense of humor and contagious, high energy. She does her homework and understands exactly what challenges a team is encountering and then finds lighthearted and friendly, yet direct, ways to address each. Participants are encouraged to problem-solve, get creative and offer guests a service level that’s skyrocketing beyond basic empathy and hospitality. Nothing about Guest Service Solutions is “out of a box” – it’s custom and personal and a whole lot of learning seamlessly intermingled with a whole lot of laughing. I couldn’t recommend this team and program more.” Nicole Reitter, Director of Sales & Marketing, Tahoe Mountain Lodging